Curricular Exchanges

At Agora Barcelona International School, we offer pupils numerous opportunities to improve their language skills, including international exchanges. These are unique experiences which not only help pupils improve their competence in another language, but equip them for an international future, build friendships between students from different countries and cultures, and teach them values which will be useful throughout their lives.

Whilst learning a language is undoubtedly one of the main objectives of an exchange visit to a foreign country, the students benefit from this type of experience in many different ways. It opens their minds to other ways of life and helps them to develop values such as respect for cultural diversity. These are skills which will help them to become true citizens of the world, paving the way for a great professional future.

Through international exchanges pupils become more self-confident and more mature. They meet students from other cultures, and the whole experience helps them to define their own personalities and discover their true aspirations. Furthermore, being away from home helps the students become more independent as they face daily challenges that require them to make decisions by themselves.

Agora Barcelona International Schooloffers exchange programmes and cultural trips to England, Ireland, France and the USA. Students from all years are given the opportunity to participate in an exchange trip to any of these countries for a period of one month, one or two terms, or a full school year. Furthermore, all of our Year 5 students (Primary School) spend one week on an exchange trip to Stonar School, a prestigious British college that is part of the Globeducate group, and all students over 10 years old are eligible to sign up for the summer camp abroad and the academic year abroad programmes for one or two terms, or a full school year.

Becoming more independent, mature, and tolerant of other cultures, in addition to learning another language quickly and effectively are just some of the benefits of taking part in an exchange programme. It is an outstanding opportunity that will contribute to their academic and professional future.


“It was a very interesting and fun trip. I really liked the school that we stayed at because it was big and I loved what they taught us in the classes. The boarding house was great and I loved playing games and watching TV with everyone else in the evenings.

During our stay at Stonar we visited Bath and Stonehenge. At each place we were allowed to wander round the town and buy souvenirs for our families. I really enjoyed it because we got to see a beautiful historic city and then learn new stuff back at school.

The teachers who were with us helped us with anything we needed, which meant that we could enjoy everything to the max.

I would definitely go back again.”

Nicole Prats

6th Primary pupil

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