International Events

Throughout the academic year at Agora International School Barcelona, we prepare our students for success in our complex world through unique learning experiences at international events hosted by Globeducate. These international events reinforce the global character of our educational programme, enabling our students to develop friendships with students from overseas and respect for other cultures.

The international events programme plays a vital role in preparing our students to enter the global stage with a universal vision and open mind. Thanks to the participation of the various Globeducate located throughout the world, our students are able to improve their linguistic skills whilst building relationships with students from other countries and enjoying a unique educational experience.

Globeducate International Events

Globeducate Model United Nations

Simulations of United Nations conferences in which pupils become country delegates and debate global issues in English.

Globeducate Academic Olympics

Science, maths, IT and language Olympiads in which students from different centres compete in a friendly, international and multi-lingual context.

Globeducate International Music Festival

A week-long festival during which students can display their passion for music.

Globeducate Olympic Games

A sporting competition involving a wide range of sports including football, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and athletics.

Globeducate Arts Competition

An online art competition which allows pupils to demonstrate their creativity and artistic expression through a variety of mediums.

Leadership Summit

An event designed to develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking with external speakers, workshops and team building activities.

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