Letter from the Headmaster

Dear families,

At Agora Barcelona International School, our daily challenge is to guide our students on their educational journey, helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills that they will need to respond to the ever-changing demands of a complex and globalised society. Not only do we encourage our students to achieve their maximum potential as individuals but also to play an active and responsible role within the wider community.

As educators we are role-models for our students, inspiring and motivating them to engage fully with life in the 21st century and most importantly helping them to learn how to learn, learn how to understand, learn how to think and learn how to recognise, express and manage their emotions.

The education that we offer at Agora Barcelona International School is inclusive and comprehensive. Our students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of varied and interesting events and activities, many involving students from other countries and cultures. Under our care and guidance our students grow in independence and confidence, become secure in their own abilities and able to interact effectively at a global level. Our educational programme helps our students learn how to work hard, both as individuals and as part of a team, developing skills such as self-discipline, concentration, leadership and cooperation. We believe that education is about preparing our children to become happy, active, rounded and responsible human beings.

One of our principle objectives is to develop confidence, skill and fluency in language, in addition to a sound knowledge base in humanities, technology, science, mathematics, sports and the arts and to help each student to be the best that they can be in each of these disciplines. At the same time, we provide our pupils with opportunities that will awaken a sense of curiosity, enable them to learn through discovery and investigation and enhance their capacity for critical and analytical thinking.

In close collaboration with families and the wider school community, students at Agora Barcelona International School are guided to find their strengths, work on any areas of weakness and to develop a sense of contentment and confidence in themselves and their achievements. Our students play and active and integral role in the educative process and are taught how to become responsible for their own learning.

We are also committed to social and community involvement and encourage our students to engage with both local and international projects; a sense of social responsibility and an openness to religious and cultural diversity helps us to work towards a more unified and better world.

At our school we focus on educating our students within the framework of a clearly defined ethical tradition based on promoting values such as commitment, honesty and dedication. We begin each new academic year with a great and exciting challenge ahead of us; to inspire a desire for lifelong learning, to help our students to grow in knowledge and confidence and to prepare them to take their places within the wider global community.

We look forward to working with you,

Yours sincerely,

Xavi Martín

Headmaster of Agora Barcelona International School

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