Agora Barcelona International School aims to educate pupils to operate confidently and successfully in the world as it is today, with a solid academic background and the inter-personal skills that they will need to achieve their long-term goals. Our pupils leave school equipped to embrace the international community, with a mastery of languages, an outstanding education in music, sports and arts, and a solid grounding in the core values and key attributes promoted throughout their experience with us.

At each stage of their educational journey from Nursery to final graduation, pupils are encouraged to develop academically, socially and personally, and are continually supported by staff, parents and the wider school community. We pride ourselves on the individual attention given to each of our students. Each of our pupils is special with their own skills, strengths and characteristics; our aim is to ensure that our students are motivated and happy during their educational journey with us, and to help them be the best that they can be.

From Nursery to graduation we prepare our students to take their place and live happily and successfully within the global community.


“I really like the school. I have a really good time and it’s really fun: I paint, I learn Chinese, we have a really good time. At break time we look for insects and I play “Pica Pared” with my friends. It’s very important to share because we’re big and we have to behave well. We have to look after each other: that’s what our teachers tell us. The food at school is really tasty, even lettuce. I eat peaches, bananas and vegetables. I like peas and grandma’s stew, because at school they make it.”

Júlia Puig

P5 Pupil

“I have been at the school for 3 years and I have a really good time. I like the playground because there are two football fields and I play my favourite sport with my friends. The children are really nice and they are nice to me. The teachers are really nice and they always help us. They listen to us and give us advice. I’m happy that I go to this school because I learn a lot of English and also music. The playground is really cool because there are basketball courts, football fields, tennis and padel courts. We have a swimming pool and a big hall.”

Biel Canyelles

6th Primary Pupil

“I like this school because every day when I arrive the teachers help me to have a good time, to learn and to have fun. I like how they teach us, patiently and nicely. I have a really good time with my friends, they let me play and they help me if I need it. I love this school!”

Noa Fortuny

3rd Primary pupil

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