Family and school are two fundamental aspects of a child’s life; we understand the importance of the home/school relationship and actively encourage positive and constructive communication with our pupils’ families.

At Agora Barcelona International School we want to help families to find a balance between the demands of family, work and school. We offer extended school hours for those families that need to take advantage of this service and the school runs a comprehensive transport service to help to make life a little easier.

Parents are invited to attend regular parent’s meetings to monitor their child’s academic progress and identify particular strengths or weaknesses, and are provided with an academic report at the end of each term. We encourage parents to engage with the school throughout all stages of their child’s education and families are also invited to attend or participate in various extra events held at the School such as Halloween or Carnival and international events such as the Globeducate Olympic Games.

We also have an active Parents Association, AMPA (Asociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnos) where the Mothers, Fathers and Legal Guardians of our students get together to organise the ways in which families can become more actively involved in the education of their children and forge closer links with the school.


“Since the first year, now 8 years ago, I have found a school which opened its doors to a fluid, cordial and constructive relationship with families. This rewarding collaboration process, based on respect and confidence, shows my children’s feelings of happiness, security and motivation towards learning, conscious of the close relationship which unites us. The experiences of family participation with the school take on a new meaning with the C.A.V., Virtual Classroom Community, a platform developed by the N.A.C.E. Group. My satisfaction, my family’s satisfaction, is complete.”

M. Eloísa González Rodríguez


“Our experience with the teachers who have accompanied our children in the 7 years we have been at the school is very, very positive. We have found very motivated and dynamic teachers who have personalised our children’s education to the individual needs and abilities of each one. Communication with the teachers is very fluid, we really appreciate it since this has enabled the triangle – school, family, and child – to work well, and continue with work which favours the child’s all-round development.”

Anna Ruzafa i Parra

Mother of Anna (P3) and Jordi (4th Primary)

“The team of teachers is made up of education professionals who offer the best of themselves every day for the education of children, not just in terms of content, but also as human beings. This last aspect is for me just as, or more, important as the subjects taught, as of course, I want my son to be a good professional, but there are no good professionals without good people and human beings who know how to see the world from a global point of view, not just academic, and who are respectful towards that and those which surround them.”

Clara Gimeno

Mother of 1st Baccalaureate pupil

“Personally, I think this school-family relationship is very practical. For example, when we have questions about the homework, exams or any other information we’re not completely sure about, at home our daughter Mariona is the one who tells us to look at it on the CAV. It’s a link which is always there when you need it.”

Rosa Maria Molina

Mother of Primary pupil

Aviso Legal