School Services

At Agora Barcelona International School, we understand that providing an all-round education requires the smooth running of both academic and non/academic services and a willingness to meet the needs of the family and the individual. We therefore offer a wide range of services catering for our entire school community.

School Dining Room

The school has its own dining room and kitchen, and our menus are supervised by a qualified nutritionist to ensure that our pupils receive healthy, balanced, nutritional meals. Our facilities enable us to offer a variety of menus adapted to the needs of each age group and we can also cater for any specific dietary requirements.


School Transport

We have various bus routes: Manresa, Igualada, Corbera, Vilafranca and Sant Feliu, Terrassa and Vallbona (if you are interested in the transport service, please feel free to contact us for more information).


Extended school hours

The school is open outside school hours, both in the mornings and afternoons, for those families that require a bit more flexibility due to work commitments or other circumstances.


School shop and uniform

Agora Barcelona International School has a school shop in which students can buy school uniform, sports clothes, text books and other school-related items.



Our school organises several conferences, talks and events throughout the school year, for students and/or parents.


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