Classrooms and Laboratories

At Agora Barcelona International School, we offer large, modern, bright classrooms which are adapted to the meet the requirements of current legislation. We have taken the needs of each educational stage and project into consideration at the design stage to create spaces that are ideal for play, learning and socialising, in which our students can develop their full potential.


All our classrooms are comfortable and creative spaces, for both pupils and teachers. Each room caters for the specific requirements of the relevant year and subject; we have classrooms specifically for Art, Music, I.T., Drama, etc all of which are equipped with the necessary age-appropriate materials. Preschool children have very specific needs that differ from those of the older students; hence, we have a separate dining room and a dormitory for our youngest pupils.



At Agora Barcelona International School, we prioritise practical classes so that our pupils can relate their theoretical knowledge to the real world. The school has two laboratories – one for Biology and the other for Physics and Chemistry – in which pupils carry out experiments using laboratory equipment and materials. These purpose-built spaces make learning science a pleasure for pupils, as they can reinforce the knowledge acquired in class with real hands-on experimentation. This encourages more active, participatory and individualised learning. Thanks to our fully equipped laboratories, the students develop scientific methodology and critical thinking.



Reading and research are fundamental to the educative process, and to promote a healthy interest in these skills we encourage our students to make the best use of the library here at Agora Barcelona International School. The atmosphere in our library is conducive to reading, studying for exams, research and study. A place of learning, acquiring knowledge, discovering vocations or carrying out assignments, the library plays an essential role in the development of each student’s personal study technique.


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