Facilities and Services

Agora Barcelona International School is designed to provide our pupils with a global education, through the use of a full range of facilities that help create a positive atmosphere. Our facilities are light and airy, and are adapted to meet all the needs of our students, who have access to the various different spaces designed specifically for each of the activities included in the academic programme. Agora Barcelona International School offers spacious classrooms, laboratories, I.T. rooms and digital classrooms equipped with the very latest technology. There are also recreation areas, outdoor sports facilities and an exceptional sports complex with a 25-metre indoor pool, which is open to parents and members of the public outside school hours.

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It’s as if you were here – discover every corner of the school. Walk into the entrance hall, step into a classroom, explore the laboratories, and then take a look at the other facilities: the indoor pool, the dining room

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The campus has a wide range of facilities specifically adapted to meet the needs of our students as they progress throughout their education, from nursery through to sixth form and beyond.

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The school offers a wide range of services adapted to the different educational and pastoral needs of our students, including a school transport service, dining room, extended school hours, medical centre, shop…

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Educational Psychology Department

Agora Barcelona International School’s Educational Psychology & University Career Guidance works with students, parents and teachers in order to address the needs of each individual student. It is a differential service that ensures attention to diversity and optimal development of students according to their skills and needs. We encourage and promote a close collaboration with the families to achieve the highest level of continuity and consistency during the whole educational project.

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