Sport, Health & Fitness

2 astroturf pitches

1 indoor swimming pool

2 padel courts and 1 tenis court

More than 14 differents sports

In addition to the evident physical and mental benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, participation in sporting activity encourages students to develop personal values ​​such as perseverance, self-discipline, teamwork and cooperation. For pupils at Agora Barcelona International School, sport forms an essential part of the curriculum: we try to encourage a passion for active and healthy habits, establishing patterns of behaviour that will help our students to grow into physically and emotionally balanced adults.

Agora Barcelona International School boasts a magnificent multi-use sports facility and a great sports club, accommodating the needs of each sport offered by our centre. Our facilities include two grass football pitches, basketball and handball courts, two padel courts, one tennis court, an indoor multi-sport centre and a 25-metre indoor swimming pool. Pupils choose from a wide range of sports on offer, including basketball, football, tennis, padel, handball, swimming, volleyball, skating, yoga or modern dance, among others. All our students participate in swimming lessons and our swimming pool is the venue for a Federation swimming gala.

As well as taking part in sports within the mainstream curriculum, students at Agora Barcelona International School are also invited to participate in a range of international sporting events organised by the Globeducate group. These events celebrate sporting excellence and healthy competition and provide an opportunity for our international community to gather together. The Globeducate Olympic Games is an international Olympic-style event that brings together over 500 athletes from Globeducate’s schools around the world. In addition to promoting an active lifestyle, our students also participate in a comprehensive health project, focussing on good nutrition and healthy eating.

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