Technological Innovation

In today’s world a sound grasp of technology is an essential skill for our students’ future success in their chosen careers, and thus is has become an important part of daily life at school. Technology offers numerous benefits as an educational tool, and activities such as programming or coding provide extensive opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking, and an excellent vehicle for students to develop their capacity to learn how to learn. Modern technology offers a wealth of teaching and learning resources designed to develop intellectual curiosity and critical thought, and a solid base for access to and competence in a wide range of future careers.

Proyecto Gavea

The GAVEA Project (Virtual Classroom Management for Academic Excellence, GAVEA in its Spanish acronym), tablets, digital boards, and interactive materials add a motivational element to classroom activities; their use is supervised by teaching staff and daily use is restricted. Used in the right way, these technologies can improve the learning experience, aid cognitive development, be used cooperatively as well as individually and help students to acquire the digital skills that they will need in the future.



Computing is included within the school’s Preschool and Primary curriculum. Right from the start pupils at Agora  Barcelona International School are taught computer programming (coding) and how everyday software and applications are developed. Programming opens the mind to the endless possibilities of technology in the wider world and helps to provide our students with the tools that they will need to succeed in the highly technical working environments of the future.


Creative Technology

Creativity plays a fundamental role in our curriculum and Agora Barcelona International Schooloffers various technological activities that encourage and develop creativity. Robotics is available as an extra-curricular activity where students learn how to program robots to carry out different tasks. This exposes our pupils to a range of scientific disciplines and promotes creative thinking, decision making and problem-solving skills.


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