Our Teachers

Fostering a desire to learn is one of the core objectives of our curriculum, and this philosophy applies to our teachers as well as to our pupils. That’s why on-going training and regular reviews of the latest teaching techniques is vital for our teaching staff and keeps us at the cutting edge of educational theory and practice. As a school community we work together to provide our students with the best education available, optimising resources and focussing on the needs and abilities of each individual pupil to provide an integrated preparation for their future academic studies and the challenges that they will face in their future professional lives.

A dedicated teaching team

At Globeducate we believe that the entire educational community should have the opportunity to learn and improve, including our teachers who participate in regular training days and workshops on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, New Technologies and Classroom Management. On a recent training day, the teaching staff at Agora Barcelona International School took part in a workshop entitled “Impact in the Classroom” providing teachers with a range of additional techniques to make a greater impact on pupils’ learning experience in the classroom.

Another Globeducate initiative involves the training of Mentors. Our Mentors provide support and advice to other teachers and colleagues, encouraging their professional development. Globeducate also implements a teaching and learning quality control system entitled, Globeduate Platinum Standard, a systematic process of development, assessment, support and improvement to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning are maintained across the entire Globeducate group.

On-going Training - Impact on Learning

Globeducate organise regular training sessions for all its teachers. Last year, the entire teaching staff was involved in a training workshop called Impact on Learning which involved sharing practical strategies to improve the students’ classroom experience. Topics included The Role of questions, Motivation and Challenge in the classroom, Systematic Checking of Pupil Progress and The Importance of Feedback, and the strategies learned at the workshop are now being actively implemented in the classroom.


Educational Coaching

As part of Globeducate commitment to educational excellence, a core principle and corner stone of our philosophy, in 2017 we implemented the Educational Mentoring scheme that trains teachers from the Globeducate group as Mentors to help and support their colleagues in their pursuit of excellence in their work. We employ dedicated and passionate teachers who love their work and are constantly striving to build on the skills that they already have; with regard to their own professional development our teachers strive for the same goal that they encourage in their students : Be the best that you can be!


Globeducate Platinum Standard - a pathway to world class learning

Globeducate Platinum Standard is a quality standards programme implemented throughout all Globeducate which is designed as an ongoing tool to improve the overall performance of each of our schools. The objective of the programme is to assess the quality of the education provided, and the basic principles of the programme are supported by best practice from education systems from around the world. The programme uses a variety of quality indicators which help to establish improvement plans in areas such as leadership, quality of teaching and learning and the progress and well-being of the students.

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“The teachers, who are experts not just in their subject but also in other fields, are guides to us both in the academic environment and in understanding the world we live in. They play an important role in our lives, by educating us in values and as people.”

Lorenzo Fresno

1st Baccalaureate pupil

“Our experience with the teachers who have accompanied our children in the 7 years we have been at the school is very, very positive. We have found very motivated and dynamic teachers who have personalised our children’s education to the individual needs and abilities of each one. Communication with the teachers is very fluid, we really appreciate it since this has enabled the triangle – school, family, and child – to work well, and continue with work which favours the child’s all-round development.”

Anna Ruzafa i Parra

Mother of Anna (P3) and Jordi (4th Primary)

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