Effective Learning

Agora Barcelona International School is an active and creative school where each pupil, guided by their teachers, becomes responsible for and takes control of their own learning. Pupils actively participate in classes; they are expected to think critically and analytically, interact with their classmates, show respect and tolerance, conduct experiments, work cooperatively, be curious, responsible and value effort, hard work and achievement. The work of the teacher is to motivate and guide the pupils to find the answers for themselves – a skill that is essential to living successfully in the world beyond school.

Motivation and Challenge

Pupils learn better when they are inspired and motivated by their work, and when the work presents an appropriate degree of challenge. That is why at Agora Barcelona International Schoolour pupils learn how to learn using innovative and interactive teaching and learning techniques. In the laboratories they develop scientific and critical skills, the school’s garden helps them to develop a sense of environmental responsibility and a respect for nature, and sporting and cultural excursions provide a wealth of artistic, historical, and physical learning opportunities.


Personalised Teaching Methods

Our teachers act as mentors for their students and combine all available resources and techniques to bring out the best in each individual. We start with a review of each pupil’s aptitudes, abilities and preferences, in order to adapt teaching methods to suit the particular needs of that student. Teaching methods might include, project work, one-to-one instruction, investigative work, critical thinking, problem solving, inter alia.


Collaborative Learning

The basis of collaborative learning is team work, and social interaction and communication skills form an integral and essential part of the students’ daily life. In team-based activities all team members participate actively and equally, and take on the responsibility of working to achieve a shared goal developing values such as team-work, cooperation and empathy.


Critical Thinking

At Agora Barcelona International School, we aim to help our pupils learn how to learn and to strive for intellectual independence. The key to developing effective critical thinking skills lies in facilitating the process whilst the children are still very young, and we instil these skills from Pre-reception onwards. Once established, the ability to think critically enables our students to carry out effective research, analyse, evaluate and create, not only in the academic sphere, but also to make reasoned choices and clear judgements in other areas of their lives.


Evaluation and Feedback

Student evaluation is a constantly evolving process at our school. Evaluation relies in part on a formative assessment based on a variety of sources including marked assessments and testing, classroom observation, talking with the pupils and discussing their “best work” portfolios. Through regular and incisive feedback and constant communication our teachers identify how to move each student forward in the learning process towards greater academic success.



“Working at Agora International School Barcelona opens the doors to a globalised, innovative world. As an education professional, I try to make learning easier for the pupils so that they become more independent, work in teams and think rigorously and creatively.

The dedication of the team we have means that our objective is based fundamentally on educating true citizens of the global world, for which they are prepared, whatever they decide.

I enjoy my work every day, in a school which trains its staff, where my vocation grows, and where I share new experiences with my pupils. Sharing the commitment to the school’s educational project with the rest of my colleagues.”

Anna Canals


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