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Certificate of Quality S+


For Agora International School Barcelona the safety of our students is a priority, so in 2018 we underwent a voluntary audit by the National Association for Child Safety for them to evaluate our facilities and procedures in compliance with their strict criteria. As a result, Agora International School Barcelona has been awarded the Certificate of […]

A forward-thinking academic education for the international community in the 21st century


In a recent interview with El Periódico, the Director of Agora International School Barcelona outlined the factors that are key to the success of the ambitious educational vision implemented at his school. These involve a wide range of methodologies and initiatives designed to prepare the school’s students for today’s global society. The school’s primary focus […]

“Agora IS Barcelona: the only private centre in Baix Llobregat offering Vocational Training in Sport and Leisure”

News Vocational Training

Albert Ametller has held positions of responsibility at a number of leading sports organisations and has extensive experience as a teacher. Currently he is in charge of the vocational training programmes at Agora International School Barcelona, ​​an activity that he combines with his other responsibilities in the sporting arena. In a recent interview with El […]

The advantages of studying the International Baccalaureate (IB)


With more than 15 years’ experience in education, María Alcaide has been in charge of various departments including Foreign Languages ​​and Baccalaureate, and she is currently the Baccalaureate Coordinator for Agora International School Barcelona, ​​the only educational centre in Sant Esteve Sesrovires that offers the International Baccalaureate (IB). Who better than María to explain the […]

Our students are highly-motivated, committed to learning and to their future success


In an interview with La Bústia, the Director of Agora International School Barcelona discussed the academic and career opportunities provided by Compulsory Secondary Education based upon his experience as the Director of a leading international school, focusing on the specific methodologies used at his own school, Agora IS Barcelona, and their importance for student development. […]

“Our students are highly motivated and committed to learning”


In an interview with ARA, the Director of Agora International School Barcelona shared the key elements of the school’s educational vision: a forward-thinking academic education focussing on the inherent abilities of each individual student; an emphasis on languages and integration with the international community; and extensive programmes in music, sport and the arts, providing students […]

New methodologies in Early Years Education


Anna Carbó is the Coordinator for Early Years Education at Agora International School Barcelona where she has been teaching for the past 10 years. Since her arrival she has witnessed many changes in educational methodology at the school and in a recent interview with El Cargol she was given the opportunity to explain the fundamental […]

The International Baccalaureate (IB) at Agora Barcelona

Academic Languages News

María Alcaide, Baccalaureate Coordinator at Agora IS Barcelona, ​​highlights the advantages of this internationally respected diploma, which is designed to prepare students, both academically and professionally, for confidently stepping out to take their place within the global community. Firstly noting that in the context of the school’s overall international vision, the IB is an excellent […]

Happy Learning

Languages News

Diane Cassidy, an Early Years Education teacher at Agora International School Barcelona, explains, step by step, how various languages (English, Castilian Spanish, Catalan and Mandarin Chinese) are introduced into the early years curriculum and how Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) is incorporated every day into the work carried out with each individual child. […]

Success of our students

Communication News

During an interview with María Alcaide, General Coordinator of the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages at AIS Barcelona, ​​we are provided with an insight into the educational methodologies employed at the school during these stages to help students achieve the highest levels of academic success. Agora International School Barcelona offers a carefully structured curriculum, focusing on […]

The Pre-university programme

Communication News

Andrés explains the school’s educational philosophy, the learning tools used to support our students and the importance in the curriculum of activities such as Sports, Music and the Arts. He emphasises the school’s focus on tailoring the systems to suit the needs of each individual student and also talks about the Pre-university programme, which is […]

The Curriculum at Agora Barcelona

Communication News

At Agora International School Barcelona, we place great importance on educating our youngest students by focusing on them as individuals and providing them with opportunities to participate in a wide-range of activities including Music, Art and Sports for an all-round learning experience. The curriculum at Agora International School Barcelona is designed to tap into the […]

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