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Connect with your teenager


During adolescence, many parents find that communication with their children becomes more difficult. Suddenly, their child has become more reluctant to share his or her feelings and to talk to parents who often feel rejected and ask themselves over and over again: What can I do to connect with my adolescent child? Dad, mum, the […]

Learning to reflect


Learning does not mean not making mistakes or errors. Learning means knowing how to approach those mistakes as opportunities to reflect and evolve. At Agora International School Barcelona we want to form people with a desire to excel, social commitment and a critical spirit, capable of achieving academic and personal success. This means being able […]

Educating in a VUCA environment


Today, more than ever, we realize that we live in a changing world, which has been called VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and in which we have to live, work and shape. Educating in a world with these characteristics is also a challenge to wh What is a VUCA environment? A VUCA environment is […]

Developmental milestones


The Primary School stage is a crucial period in our children’s development, not only in terms of their educational progress, but also in terms of the development of personality and self-esteem.   Children aged from 6 to 12 years negotiate several significant developmental stages; below we outline a few of these important milestones: Personality and […]

Opening plan in Phase 2


Agora International School Barcelona has presented its opening plan for the month of June and the summer courses, after the publication by the Department of Education of the Plan for opening schools in Phase 2. This plan contemplates the partial opening of schools on specific days, to carry out orientation tasks or attend to emotional […]

Home learning


In a recent interview for the blog of The Pie, a reference in international education, Globeducate Chief of Education, Daniel Jones, reflects on the rapid transition we have experienced towards home learning and how the previous experience of the educational group, with prestigious online schools in Canada or France and centers in Rome and Milan, […]

COVID-19 Measures


Due to containment measures and the declared state of emergency in Spain caused by Covid-19 virus, Agora International School Barcelona has been forced to close its doors. However, our classrooms are still open, and our teachers continue to provide an online learning to our students to guarantee them a high-quality education. The Senior Management Team, […]

Globeducate and WWF collaboration

Communication Values

An exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities. Globeducate is one of the leading K-12 international schools’ groups in the world, with more than 50 schools in 10 countries, and has launched a global agenda for change: an agenda that prepares […]

Welcome to Globeducate


NACE Schools was founded in 1972 and since then it has seen consistent expansion. Starting in Spain, our network has spread across Europe, Canada, India and most recently Malaysia. We now have more than 50 schools in 10 countries, educating more than 25,000 students. We are truly a global network and a leader in international […]

New academic year 2017/2018


Agora International School Barcelona is beginning the new academic year by putting two great educational projects into motion: the International Baccalaureate and Vocational Training in Sports. These are two ambitious projects which will reinforce the educational programme which defines AIS Barcelona, and lay the foundations for consolidating the school’s position. Both projects have been well received, both by families […]

Interview with Bárbara Zboromyrska on the IB


After completing her secondary education (11 – 16), Barbara has decided that at the Post 16 stage she would like to study for the IB diploma at Agora International Barcelona, ultimately with a view to applying to Oxford and other leading UK universities. In the following interview she expounds the advantages of studying for this […]

New school year 2016/2017


After the summer holidays, Agora International School Barcelona welcomes the 2016/2017 academic year with great enthusiasm. The school opens its doors, full of energy, and with changes and new challenges which will make this new school year a great one. The headmaster of the school welcomes our entire educational community and reveals the targets set for this […]

Success of our students

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During an interview with María Alcaide, General Coordinator of the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages at AIS Barcelona, ​​we are provided with an insight into the educational methodologies employed at the school during these stages to help students achieve the highest levels of academic success. Agora International School Barcelona offers a carefully structured curriculum, focusing on […]

The Pre-university programme

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Andrés explains the school’s educational philosophy, the learning tools used to support our students and the importance in the curriculum of activities such as Sports, Music and the Arts. He emphasises the school’s focus on tailoring the systems to suit the needs of each individual student and also talks about the Pre-university programme, which is […]

The Curriculum at Agora Barcelona

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At Agora International School Barcelona, we place great importance on educating our youngest students by focusing on them as individuals and providing them with opportunities to participate in a wide-range of activities including Music, Art and Sports for an all-round learning experience. The curriculum at Agora International School Barcelona is designed to tap into the […]

New academic year 2015-2016


Andrés Rosás, the Director of Ágora International School Barcelona welcomes you to the new academic year 2015/16. We are excited to commence the next phase of your child’s education and look forward to a year of academic excellence and inspiring new projects.   Dear Families, Another academic year begins and we are delighted to be […]

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