This is the definitive list of children's books recommended by Agora International School Barcelona for summer reading

It helps to acquire vocabulary, improves writing, text comprehension and the ability to understand. Furthermore, it is one of the best weapons for imagining, for travelling without getting up from the sofa, for working on creativity and for exercising the brain. The reading habit is something which we at Agora International School Barcelona are very aware of, and something which we know must continue at home and during the summer holidays. That’s why we have prepared a definitive list, ordered by level, of recommended reading so that none of our pupils miss out on reading on holiday.

How to encourage reading habits?

However, before going on to name the recommended stories and books, it is worth remembering a few tips to encourage a love of reading at home:

  • We have to set an example for children. It is no use telling them all the benefits they will get from reading a lot, if they never see us pick up a book, or even if they see us despise reading and remind us day after day how boring it is. We can sit on the sofa and read while we think aloud about how interesting we find the book.
  • Never force your child to read a particular title. This is one of the biggest mistakes in the loss of interest in reading: compulsion. To make sure that reading will be successful for your child, it is much better to accompany them to a bookshop and let them choose the title they want to take home (but always keep to the limits of books adapted to their age). This is good advice to reduce the chances that he or she will give it up halfway through.
  • Create a reading corner at home: all you have to do is choose a corner that you don’t use and fill it with cushions, a mat or duvet folded to make it comfortable, a shelf placed at the child’s height… creating a corner where they can go whenever they want to read.
  • Read aloud: it has been scientifically proven that shared reading between adult and child helps the latter to become an avid reader in adulthood.

And now we move on to the recommended reading.

Readings for pre-school children

At this age they have not yet acquired the habit of reading (or are just starting to do so). But it is good to introduce stories into their lives. For example, by reading aloud some of these:

  • El Monstruo de los colores: it should be on every children’s bookshelf. El Monstruo de los colores, written by Anna Llenas, is a perfect tool for education in emotions and, therefore, for the tantrum stage.
  • Minino en la arena: a story full of pop-ups and tabs that the little ones can discover as we read it aloud. It is written in cardboard and has rounded corners, so it is perfect for them to handle it without any risk.
  • Nuevo en la Ciudad: written by Marta Altés, it tells the story of a little dog who arrives new in a city where he wants to meet new people. A book to teach the little ones that our place is with the people who love us and not the place where we live.
  • Todo lo que sé cuando me enfado: in addition to being super fun and with a language perfectly adapted to Early Childhood Education, this story is a perfect weapon to work on tantrums, tantrums and emotions in the youngest children.
  • Yo mataré monstruos por ti: the story is designed for young children, but it could be perfectly suitable for adults. A wonderful story that will show your child everything you are willing to do for them as parents.

Recommended books for Primary Education

  • Primos S.A.: The Primos S.A. saga is one of the most loved by children. What’s more, buying the first one will ensure that they will want to keep reading and reading until they finish them all.
  • Futbolísimos: This saga, like the previous one, is very popular with children aged 6 to 12.
  • Durmiendo Monstruos: This book is very cool because it mixes reality with reading. As kids dive through its pages, they will have to discover secrets hidden in QR Codes, apply the anti-monster spray that comes in the box and much more.
  • La isla de los niños encontrados: Written by Diego Ojeda, it tells the story of four children who suddenly wake up on a very special island that is sinking. There they meet creatures never seen before.
  • Los volcanes: A book with lots of pop ups that tells all about volcanoes: how they erupt, how they are formed or what they can do to our planet.

The best books to get teenagers hooked

  • Pienso, luego existo: a fun book for curious children. It answers the big questions that everyone asks based on the thoughts of the great philosophers of history (and, of course, adapting the message).
  • La historia imposible de Sebastian Cole: Is it possible for an imaginary friend to actually appear in our lives?
  • La historia interminable: one of Michael Ende’s greatest titles could not be missing from this compilation of recommended reading.
  • Bajo la misma estrella: the story of two teenagers whose illness has taught them that life doesn’t wait and that there is no time to waste.
  • Mujercitas: one of the most loved books for generations. Perfect for educating about gender equality.

Recommended reading for Baccalaureate students

  • El niño con el pijama de rayas: A classic for a closer look at the history of the Jewish Holocaust.
  • El hombre que confundió a su mujer con un sombrero a book that tells the stories of neurologist Oliver Sacks during much of his career. A classic.
  • El Principito: At this age, children are aware enough to understand this book, beyond its superficial message. It will cost them nothing to read and will enrich them for life.
  • Campos de fresas: A book to reflect on the consequences of every act.
  • Las chicas de alambre: To raise awareness about Eating Disorders.
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