Agora International School Barcelona has developed an Online Learning Service for each educational stage to guarantee a quality education to students

Due to containment measures and the declared state of emergency in Spain caused by Covid-19 virus, Agora International School Barcelona has been forced to close its doors. However, our classrooms are still open, and our teachers continue to provide an online learning to our students to guarantee them a high-quality education.

The Senior Management Team, teaching and non-teaching staff have prepared a study plan for each stage that to be carried out online with the necessary tools so that students can keep learning from home.

We have ensured that they continue to receive daily live online classes, tutoring, teaching materials and exercises, adapting our teaching methods whilst maintaining an educational excellence and a personalised attention.

The ability to adapt to external circumstances is essential to our continual growth, both for teachers and students. Beyond the academic aspect, we are teaching our students to be resilient, to overcome challenges and to keep on going in the face of difficulties. Many of our students are at a crucial stage of their education and they need our support to be able to successfully complete their studies.

We want to thank the entire educational community for receiving the online plan so well and for the excellent disposition of our students. We encourage you all to keep up the good work and thank you for making it possible!

17 / 03 / 20