The Director of Agora IS Barcelona shares some of the secrets of providing a high-quality, integrated education with daily newspaper ARA.

In an interview with ARA, the Director of Agora International School Barcelona shared the key elements of the school’s educational vision: a forward-thinking academic education focussing on the inherent abilities of each individual student; an emphasis on languages and integration with the international community; and extensive programmes in music, sport and the arts, providing students with a broad and balanced educational experience. Teaching and learning at Agora IS Barcelona is also characterised by consistently promoting shared values such as respect, tolerance and the desire to ‘be the best you can be’, which the school believes to be of paramount importance in the education of compassionate and useful human beings.


He also stresses the importance of students being prepared to take their places within the international community, the keys here being a strong focus on competence in other languages, and close links with schools from around the world. Children are fully immersed in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English from the school’s earliest stages and also get the opportunity to learn Chinese, French or German. The school highlights the importance of cultural exchanges with educational establishments in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany via the “Connecting Cultures” programme, where students establish strong and positive links with pupils from other countries. As Agora IS Barcelona forms part of the highly-respected NACE Schools Group, they are invited to participate in a wide range of international events organised by the group, including scientific or sporting Olympiads, music festivals or student United Nations events.

Finally, in the interview the Director highlights Agora IS Barcelona’s approach to preparing senior students for university and for the next phase of their life’s journey. The school implements an ambitious Pre-University Programme designed to help students find their vocation, including individual coaching sessions, talks delivered by outstanding professionals from various fields and many other orientation experiences. Students at Agora International School Barcelona also have the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate (IB), a highly-renowned, internationally-recognised qualification, which not only provides access the best universities around the world, but also helps students to become independent, committed, socially and culturally aware individuals in their personal, academic and professional lives.


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01 / 03 / 18