Anna Carbó, Coordinator of Early Years Education at Agora International School Barcelona talks about linguistic immersion, multiple intelligences and learning through play

Anna Carbó is the Coordinator for Early Years Education at Agora International School Barcelona where she has been teaching for the past 10 years. Since her arrival she has witnessed many changes in educational methodology at the school and in a recent interview with El Cargol she was given the opportunity to explain the fundamental philosophies underpinning these new methodologies and how they are implemented at the school on a daily basis.

In the interview Anna explains the linguistic immersion process whereby the children are surrounded by the English language from aged one onwards, until by the age of three, 70% of their time at school is conducted in English. Thus, from a very young age the children become familiar with English language and culture and are constantly in the presence of English speaking teachers. The school’s ambitious language policy continues throughout the children’s Primary years with the introduction of Catalan, Castilian Spanish and Chinese.

Another of the methodologies that Anna speaks of is based on the “Multiple Intelligences” (MI) theory, which can be adapted to suit the different learning styles of each child. Using gamification platforms and new technologies, each child’s progress is carefully monitored and their strengths and weaknesses identified. The school has also developed a “Happy Learning” programme, a key element of the school’s philosophy for teaching and learning that permeates all the activities undertaken by the children, ensuring that they grow and develop in a relaxed, warm, friendly and stimulating environment.

Finally, Anna speaks of the Early Years phase of education as the start of a life-long journey of learning where our youngest students are provided with the tools that they will need to achieve success in both their academic and personal lives.


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15 / 02 / 18