Bárbara, Student in 4º ESO talks to us about the International Baccalaureate

After completing her secondary education (11 – 16), Barbara has decided that at the Post 16 stage she would like to study for the IB diploma at Agora International Barcelona, ultimately with a view to applying to Oxford and other leading UK universities. In the following interview she expounds the advantages of studying for this type of international qualification.


Today we are with Barbara Zboromyrska who is currently 15 years old and studying in her fourth year of Secondary at Agora International Barcelona. She is an excellent student and as a result of her hard work and dedication has gained top marks throughout her secondary courses. At Post 16 she is clear that she wants to study the IB in order to achieve her dream of applying for a place at one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Oxford.

Hi Barbara, it’s great to see a person of your age with such a clear vision of what you want to do when you complete your secondary studies.

Yes, I’m sure about the path I want to take and that’s why I have researched the IB programme very thoroughly.

That’s wonderful. May I ask you, why did you choose the International Baccalaureate?

I think that studying the IB at Agora International Barcelona is a great opportunity to access international universities.  The IB provides a really broad knowledge base in the different areas, which is essential if you choose to apply for the best universities. My goal is to be accepted at Oxford, Cambridge or one of the other top universities in the UK. A good grade in my IB should help me to do well in the entry exams for the European universities; the exams are very demanding and the level of competition is extremely high.


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16 / 04 / 17