Individual education, trilingual approach, cognitive development and values-based education

At Agora International School Barcelona, we place great importance on educating our youngest students by focusing on them as individuals and providing them with opportunities to participate in a wide-range of activities including Music, Art and Sports for an all-round learning experience.

The curriculum at Agora International School Barcelona is designed to tap into the potential of each of our students by tailoring the system to suit the needs of each individual child.  We encourage linguistic immersion, participation in art, sports and music and a values-based approach. These essential elements of the curriculum are introduced during the earliest stages of the educational process and are extremely important for the progress and development of our youngest students.

Education starts with our highly-qualified teaching teams; our teachers that are dedicated professionals who put 100% into every task that they undertake and are focused on providing clear and consistent guidance to our children every day. The teachers use a well-defined teaching methodology that allows the children to develop their personalities, skills and understanding. The curriculum is based upon the multiple intelligences theory which allows us to offer various ways of teaching and motivating our pupils in line with their individual learning styles.

Linguistic immersion is a key factor in the educational programme. Students are exposed to the English language in a stimulating, fun and interesting way from 1 and 2 years onwards, until at 3 years old they are fully immersed in the English language on a daily basis. From 3 years onwards, children start to work with Mandarin Chinese, Castilian and Catalan. Great importance is also placed on subjects such as Music, Sports and Art, which help cognitive development and provide a broad educational base upon which our students can build. From P1 stage children begin to develop skills such as concentration and sensitivity through exploring Music and Art, and, participation in sports, in addition to developing their physical skills, helps to build teamwork and cooperation.

Agora International School Barcelona is also committed to delivering a values-based education whereby we focus on preparing our students to be come positive and valuable members of society, highlighting emotional intelligence and the management of feelings. Values such a tolerance, cooperation and self-discipline are incorporated every day into the teaching and learning experience.


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18 / 02 / 16